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Before compiling the code make sure all the needed development libraries are available in your system:

Gtk3 or Qt5




libv4l (v4l-utils)

pulseaudio (optional)

ffmpeg (libavcodec)


gsl (optional) for random generator

For compilation just run the standard ./configure script with your desired configuration options, see ./configure --help for details.


# ./configure --prefix=/usr

this will install the application to "/usr" instead of the default "/usr/local".


# ./configure --disable-gtk3 --enable-qt5

this will build the Qt5 interface instead of the default Gtk3

after running the configure script all Makefiles are generated, so now just run the make command to build guvcview.

# make

and finally make install to install all the necessary files. (this must be run by a user with admin rights, like root or with sudo for debian/ubuntu)

# make install

if you are using the code from the git repo remember to run ./bootstrap first to build or update the configure script and the remaining config files.

Ubuntu users

Ubuntu users can now use my repository at launchpad.

For Karmic (9.10) and later just open a terminal and enter:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pj-assis/ppa

Now just update your package list with "sudo apt-get update" and install guvcview with "sudo apt-get install guvcview" for default Gtk3 interface or "sudo apt-get install guvcview-qt" for the Qt5 interface


please check "guvcview --help" or the man pages "man guvcview" (since 0.9.8)


Guvcview stores all options into a configuration file stored in the user home directory under .config/guvcview2/video0. The file is opened at start and it is rewritten at exit. By removing the file the default values will be loaded, and a new file will be written at exit.

For other devices than the default video0, the configuration file name will have a device sufix, videoN, where N is the device number, this allows different configurations for different devices.
Just remember that device numbering depends on the usb port the device is connected, so if you plug your cameras to different ports each time, you will end up with the wrong configuration.

Some tweaks can be made to guvcview by changing the values in this file. All values have commentaries about them with indication of the defaults and corresponding behaviour changes.

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